Discover the Golden Dolphin Villa.

Capturing something as huge and unique as the Golden Dolphin Villa is a daunting task. We try to capture the majesty of the estate while also showing the carefree ambiance that is indicative of the lifestyle here in the Dominican Republic. We try to capture the vistas as you will see them and to keep our galleries as up-to-date as possible.

Close your eyes. To capture the ambiance, think of sweeping golden sand beaches dotted with palm trees surrounded by lush tropical flora set against the backdrop of the startling blue ocean waters. Now open your eyes and view where you could be on your next vacation!

The Villa

Walk with us around The Villa as we show some of the grand views and amenities that we have to offer.
Photos of the Villa


Bring your friends, family or co-workers for an event to remember.
Photos from Events


Take a look at some of the many fun activities here at The Villa.
Photos of the many Activities

Dominican Republic

We live in a beautiful country and encourage you to explore the local area.
Photos around the Dominican Republic